How to Build a Website With WordPress

I spent a lot of time selecting which CMS for my site and how to configure the CMS itself and my sites. It just a waste of time i finally found. For me, just need a simple site, simple homepage, easy to configure, easy to get support online, great number of plugins meet my requires. So WordPress is my best choice. createssh

It is better buy a web hosting with SSH, because you will make some changes on the sever with SSH. Of course how to use SSH is basic knowledge. The followings are the steps and basic tips on how to build a website with WordPress:

1. Install WordPress step by step. vibrantbiz

2. Download some necessary plugins, such as WordPress super cache, site stats, anti spamming, Google XML site map and more.

3. Download a WordPress theme with header images, so that you can make your header image and upload the header image to sever. Here we just need a simple, traditional theme. Why we want a header image theme, because we want to change the default image with a custom image. recommendit

4. Log into web hosting sever via SSH, remove writer or admin information and comments templates in the code if you do not want them. Blogs always show the writer information before a post and comments at the end of a post, but normal website do not show the writer information and comments normally.

5. Create some pages such as: about us, contact us, privacy policy, and site map, make the site look like a website not a blog. frontrunnerz

6. Create a static page as your index page, it is another difference from a blog, this page is very important, because you are building a website but not a blog. getalink

7. Set a type of permanent link, just change the default set to a custom set. There are three custom choices: day the name, month and name, numeric, choose one that you like.

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