5 Minutes A Day With The SpinGym And Your Arms Go From Flab To Fab

If your old enough do you remember making a toy from buttons and a piece of cord? If you do you will recognize the concept behind the SpinGym By Forbes Riley. It’s an ingenious concept to say the least. You start by winding up the aluminum alloy spinner and then pull outwards on the aluminum handles. Your arms are always in motion and the force of the pull, tones your arms and has them looking fine in no time. The great thing is you will feel the difference from day one.

The difference between this gadget and the Whizzer or button and cord is that it’s designed to make your arms exert the maximum effort to pull it out and resist the pull back to the center. By just changing the position of your hands you can exercise those hard to get to muscles under the arms. Best of all, it’s small enough to pack for travel and you can exercise anywhere, forbes even in the confines of a hotel room if you travel.

The SpinGym comes in its own neoprene carrying bag with an extra cord. You also get an introductory workout DVD, “Anywhere in a Chair,” to guide you through the exercises using the SpinGym. In addition, you receive an instructional manual and a training guide. As a bonus, apkdnews for the price of shipping and handling you also receive another DVD with Cardio and other exercises.

Even though this travel friendly exerciser is small and weighs less than a pound, it produces far more don’t let that fool you. Ever time you pull against that cord you produce 20 pounds of resistance. That means that it only takes a few minutes of exercise and that dragged home4cloud out feeling disappears as you work your upper body to the maximum.

Using the guidance of the manual and the DVD, you’ll find ways to exercise more than just your arms. You can also strengthen your abdominal muscles in addition to chest, shoulders, back and arms. The amazing part is that, not only can you take it almost everywhere; the price is only $29.95, so almost everyone can afford it.

There’s no more reason for long sleeves in hot weather once you use the SpinGym and no reason to put off exercising. You can do the exercise right in your office, relieve your sore, tired back and put life back in your tired body. In just a matter of minutes you’ll feel you back, neck and upper body muscles loosen up and the tension drain. With these few minutes a day, you’ll begin to notice the sleek toned look of your upper body as the muscles begin to firm, giving you a more sculpted look.

For those who want a simple exercise that works and is concerned about their fleshy arms flapping in the wind will love the SpinGym. While you won’t sweat during this workout or burn up an excess of calories, it does provide great resistance exercises you can do anywhere to help tone your upper body.


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