Scuba Diving in Aruba Can Be a Wreck

Aside from being a stunning holiday destination, Aruba is a place that is steeped in history. It was probably its strategic positioning that tempted the Dutch to occupy the island back in 1636 to protect their salt supply from the mainland, as well as establishing a naval base in the Caribbean during their conflict with Spain. This is far removed from the Arawak Indians who are believed to have been the first inhabitants of the place some 2,000 years ago. Artifacts from their culture can still be found dotted around the island and many more on display in the Museum in the capital Oranjestad. NFT Monkey

Aruba has so much to offer in terms of activities with many utilizing the excellent opportunities that exist around the crystal clear Caribbean waters. Sailing features heavily with a choice from luxury catamarans, schooners or yachts in a setting that is simply idyllic. Wind and Kite surfing are very big sports on the island, indeed an annual 5-day tournament attracts professionals and amateurs each year. Of course some people will just want to relax and the brilliant white sandy beaches are amongst the cleanest and the widest in the entire Caribbean. Fishing is naturally big business with an abundance of weird and wonderful creatures to be caught such as Sailfish, White Marlins, Amberjacks, Sharks, Barracudas and Bonitos to name just a few. Others might choose to partake in a little snorkeling, but the one big draw to Aruba has to be to that of scuba diving.

Once tried, huge numbers of folk get the bug and return time and again; charteracatamaraninthebvi it really is something that has to be experienced to fully appreciate it in all its glory. It does not matter at all if you are a complete novice as diving centers are falling over themselves to teach people to dive in Aruba. Highly skilled multi-lingual instruction trainers are able to bring first-timers quickly up to a necessary standard. It can be quite daunting but this rapidly is replaced by an incredible adrenalin rush as a diver takes to the water.

The ship wrecks are the major attraction and one in particular has to be visited and that is the Antilla which is the largest wreck in the whole of the Caribbean. This German freighter was scuttled by its Captain during the 2nd World War to ensure it stayed out of the Allies’ hands. It rests in approximately 55 feet of water off what is known as Eagle Beach on the North West coast of the island at an angle of 45 degrees. Due to its immense size, it actually ascends all the way to the surface. Its large compartments make it excellent for penetrations and the company is fascinating too with lobsters and all manner of tropical fish taking a passing interest in your activities.

Other popular dive sites include that of the California which attracts the more advanced divers because of its location amongst the strongest currents off the island. The Pedernales is an ideal dive for beginners with so much to explore in relative safety, whilst the Rum Runner has been especially converted with the tourist in mind. There are also many fabulous reefs for divers to explore such as Malmok, Harbour, Sonesta, bostonhaikusociety Barcadera, Kantil, Plonco, Mike’s and Mangel Halt. Giant sponges of brilliant colors adorn the areas, and some amazing coral formations are quite stunning in their appearance.


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