What Made the News in 2009 – According to Google News UK Search Terms

We have decided to look at the rising searches of the year, optoki using the Google Insight website, as these give a good idea exactly what people in the UK wanted to find out more about, and whilst there are some of the usual subjects, some of the news stories that made the biggest rise in 2009 might well surprise a few people.

News Search Interest – United Kingdom, 2009

Rising Results

1. swine flu Breakout

2. Susan Boyle Breakout

3. flu +4,250%

4. jade +1,650%

5. jade goody +1,500%

6. Robert Pattinson +1,250%

7. Rihanna +950%

8. katie price +800%

9. Michael Jackson +750%

10. Google maps +500%

No real surprises at the top, with Swine Flu causing panic across newsheater the UK in the early part of the summer and Susan Boyle becoming an overnight sensation thanks to Britain’s Got Talent towards the middle of the year. Jade Goody’s death was the reason search terms for the Big Brother Celebrity were so high, and probably the same for Michael Jackson, who also died this year.

The other spots are taken by Rihanna who had the infamous issues with her boyfriend, and Katie Price is also there, as she dominated the headlines with the on / off Peter Andre relationship and then the inevitable divorce that followed. The release of Twilight lead to Robert Pattinson lead to this actor rising up the news search terms, with Google maps completing the top ten, probably because of the Street View controversy that struck this year.

So, the question we began to ask ourselves, would our friends in America be Stadsrevisionen.dk searching for anything else, or is news a truly global matter.

News Search Interest – United States, 2009

Rising Results

1. swine flu Breakout

2. Jon and take Breakout

3. gosselin Breakout

4. Adam lambert Breakout

5. rihanna +2,400%

6. new moon +950%

7. Michael Jackson +950%

8. inauguration +950%

9. Chris brown +950%

10. tiger woods +800%

The Swine Flue worry also matched the concern in the UK, with that being the top search in the American Google News, with Rihanna and Michael Jackson also matching in the top ten. Tiger Woods made a late charge into the top rising searches, for obvious reasons, and the top ten also saw a few movies and celebrities feature, with New Moon being an example of this. vpxco

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