Discount Cruises to Exotic Locations

Vacation cruises have become one of the most popular of the “destination” vacations available. While some people are content to step on board a cruise ship and never leave it for the entire length of their vacation, others enjoy cruising to exotic locations where the cruise is only part of the appeal. The best cruises this year include discount cruises to a number of locations that you might not expect to see on a list of cruise destinations. cruise booking

Cruise the Mediterranean

Mediterranean cruises have always been popular, but this year’s best discount cruises in the Mediterranean include even more surprises. Imagine a ten night cruise that visits seven cities and includes two beautiful days at sea for just over one thousand dollars per person. Eastern European cruises are priced to buy this year with visits to cities such Mykonos, theprerollguys Kusadesi and Rhodes on the itinerary. The Eastern Mediterranean has always been popular featuring ports of call from Italy to Turkey, and stops at ancient ruins and beautiful beaches. An Eastern Mediterranean cruise offers a wide variety of cruise experiences at discount prices. Bankruptcy Attorney Westchester

European River Cruises

Not all cruises to exotic destinations are on the open sea. Europe is famous for its inland waterways, meridianshrooms and river tours are among the most popular European cruises. A Rhine River cruise has long been a European rite of passage, but not all that well-known on the other side of the Atlantic. Cruises along the Rhine offer vacationers a one-stop tour of many European countries, with beautiful views, leisurely days and stops at cities such as Strasbourg, Copenhagen and Cologne.

Northern European Cruises

Cruising through the northern waters may not seem like the vacation of a lifetime, but a Northern European cruise is an extremely memorable trip. Visit Helsinki, Copenhagen, Oslo and other Northern European capitals as you take in the remarkable culture and history. One of the most beautiful sights on a Northern European tour is the northern lights and the stunning scenery. If you book your trip early online, you can get multiple discounts and special perks on Norwegian cruises,  slot onlineincluding free airfare from several regional cities and upgrades on your cabin or overall package.

Australia and the South Pacific

For a decidedly different cruise experience, nothing can beat a tour of the Australian and New Zealand coast lines. The prices for Australian cruises are purely amazing, starting as low as nine hundred dollars per person for a ten night Australian cruise on a Royal Caribbean line, with stops at Sydney, Hamilton Island, Cooktown and Brisbane, Australia. Prices do not include airfare to the departure destination, but when you book online you can often make all-inclusive deals that will cut your prices even further.

Alaskan Cruises

Take a cruise through the chilly northern waters and enjoy some of the most amazing scenery in you will ever see. Alaskan cruises on various cruise lines offer some of the best deals available this year. You can find Alaskan cruises as low as four hundred and fifty dollars per person, double occupancy, for a seven nights that include stops at Seward, Juneau, Ketchikan and other beautiful Alaskan cities.

Shopping for the best cruise deals online is the secret to finding an amazing cruise for a discounted price. There are a many websites that allow you to search across all the cruise lines and many of the larger discount travel sites to pull together the best package deals for cruise vacations. The tips below will help you find the best prices for discount tours to exotic cruise destinations all over the world.

1. Plan Ahead When Booking a Cruise Online
You can book your cruise several months in advance, and booking early can often get you great discounts. Most cruise lines will directly offer you an early booking discount. Even better, when you book early, you are most likely to get the cabin or suite that you want, on the cruise ship that you want, traveling at the time that you want to go.

2. Be Flexible
If you are willing to live with a little risk, you can hold out to the last minute to score big discounts on last minute bookings. This is the riskiest method for getting discounts on your cruise, onlydeals but offers the best possible prices. The down side is that you may not be able to book on the cruise you want if it sells out, or you may have to settle for a less desirable cabin.

3. Book a Cruise During the Low Season
As with any other industry, prices are apt to be better if you book your vacation during the slow season, which varies for each area of the world. Prices for a Caribbean cruise, for example, will be lower during the hurricane season, while Alaskan cruises will have lower prices during the late fall.


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