New Services for Golf Cart Owners?

Well, I live in an area that has over 150 golf courses. Yes, we are a tourist destination area, and I live in a city not too far from Palm Springs, California, which I’m sure you’ve heard of. There are golf courses everywhere, even though we are considered part of the low desert. In fact, Byplakat it’s actually legal to drive your golf cart on the streets around here, and the bike lanes are extra wide to allow people to do that. This makes it nice if you are a cyclist, but it makes it fun if you wish to take your golfing mobile to the grocery store, or just to the local Starbucks, and they’re everywhere, I almost feel like I live in Seattle sometimes.

Okay so, this brings me to my next comment, hosting and that is what sorts of new businesses can one provide for golf cart owners? You may not know this or maybe you do, but out in California there was a tax credit available last year for anyone buying an electric car, or a street legal electric vehicle. Since golf carts are allowed on the street in our area that meant people could get a tax credit of $3000 on their state tax bill if they were to buy a brand-new golf cart. Many people took advantage of this program, and the golfing retailers in our area made a bundle of money.

Now then, สล็อตpgเว็บตรง I have a couple of ideas on various types of new businesses that one could provide for golf club cart owners, so I’d like to discuss this with you for a moment.

1. Solar Film on Home to Keep Cart Charged

Did you know that MIT has come out with a new solar cell films, basically a very thin coating, and although it doesn’t provide an incredible amount of efficiency, it does collect energy from the Sun. That means that you could spray it on though walls of your house which face the sun, Keto diet or retaining walls, or even on the tops of your patio. Then you could stick an electrode in it, and have that to charge your cart.

Someone should come up with the business to do just that, and help all these people keep their golf carts charged, so they can drive them around. You may not know this, but it costs about $1.80 to charge up your golf cart and most of the carts around here have the right motors, and the proper batteries so that they can run for about 26 miles before running out of juice – a whole marathon for gosh sakes, diet just try to keep up with that.

That’s not a whole lot of energy to collect from the sun, as long as you have the golf cart plugged-in when you are not using it, you should have plenty to get around town.

2. Auto Club-Like Service for Flat Tires on the Golf Course

Did you know that most auto club type cards are not available for golf carts, even though in our city for instance you can drive your cart on the road. In fact, some one around here, and I bet in various parts of Florida too, could easily run a business that caters to emergency services for golfing carts, whether they were on or off the course. Those are just two of the ideas I came up with and I hope you will please consider this and think on it.


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