Recognizing Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities Are Constantly Happening

We live in an age of change and therefore we live in an age of opportunity! If there was no change, if every thing was consistent; there would be no opportunities! Change is the catalyst for opportunity.

People that achieve tremendous levels of success are those that pursue change, see change, and embrace change; and if after all of that they do not see enough change; Courses they make change happen. These people recognize that change brings about new products and services. Change brings about innovations and solutions. Change brings about improved processes.

Change, on its own, sellfastlouisiana causes problems to arise and problems require solutions. Change offers the innovator and change agent the opportunity to solve those problems.

Be An Agent of Change and Create Your Own Opportunities

Because change begets opportunity; what are you doing to cause change? What opportunities for improvement do you see within your organization that will necessitate change? Who do you see being the person to lead the change?

Ideally in all of the above questions you should see yourself. See yourself:

– As the change agent.
– As the one who recognizes the need for change.
– As the one that can lead the change process.

I recently wrote an article on Career Highlights for EzineArticles. Your career highlights are those situations that you saw, the actions that you took, and the results you achieved. A translation or synonym for action in this case is change agent.

To effect the change necessary to address the situation will require some type of change in behavior, product or process design, activities or whatever. Regardless it is a change that was effected.

A Personal Story About Change

Long ago my brother-in-law worked for a tire manufacturer. He was young and quite new in the business, but he was smart. While working on the production line he noticed an inefficiency. alpinepillsshop

The production line had people working on both sides of a conveyor belt. As the product moved along the belt the workers were constantly turning the product 180 degrees. He pondered the process for a while until he realized the reason for turning the product was that some workers were left handed and others were right handed. The workers were turning the product based upon their dominant hand. He identified to management what he had seen and they implemented an immediate solution. First they put all the left-handed workers on one side of the production line. Now the product was in the correct position regardless of the dominant hand and the turning of the product stopped.


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