Provider Solutions

A brief overview

Healthcare today more and more requires collaboration that improves the delivery of care and attentions on value above volume. New models of population health management need new technology and a proficient partner to aid navigate these intricacies while decreasing expenses and delivering effectual care association.

Provider Solutions benefit you to:
• Get paid precisely and rapidly through smart revenue cycle management
• Change from volume- to value-based care with liable care
• Attain unified payer-provider association and information interchange

Healthcare provider solutions

Healthcare provider solutions offer fiscal, Imedical Healthcare Solutions billing, compensation, and clinical consulting to the home healthcare and hospital industry. The core services comprise billing and collections, medicinal recovery projects, clinical, and billing education through symposiums, teleconferences, webcastings, and newsletters.

Healthcare solutions get the most out of the experience of highly qualified experts. They are dedicated to a standard of fineness that gets them distinguished from others in the home healthcare and hospice industries.

Their aim is to offer the uppermost quality of products and services to healthcare providers allowing them to make the most of their talent in operations and improve reimbursement. Healthcare provider solutions illustrate devotion and teamwork by constantly surpassing the customer anticipations.

Electronic medical record

An electronic medical record (EMR) is a digital form of the customary paper-built medical record for an individual. It either initiates from an electronic arrangement or is transformed from hard copy to an online form. An EMR comprises information about a certain patient, counting:

• Patient communication information, counting crisis contact(s)
• Vitals, for example weight, height, body mass index (BMI) and body temperature
• Previous and future medical facility appointments
• Physician orders
• Prescriptions
• Medical evolution and surgical notes
• Agreement to release information forms
• Allergies
• Previous medical history
• Billing information, for instance insurance
• Discharge synopses and treatment strategies

EHR rewards are many. A crucial reason is the idea that EHRs can protect lives by decreasing human mistake. For instance, if doctors and nurses have crucial electronic medical information at their fingertips, fewer deferrals are likely in emergent treatment and acute care. EHRs are also suitable to patients, with the removal of the recurring procedure of divulging medical histories to new caregivers.
Value-based care

It emphasizes on prices, quality and, most significantly, consequences. The healthcare provider’s experience in constructing successful networks between physicians, health schemes, health plans, and employers leads to effectively accomplishing value-based care goals.

Clinical Integration: Value-based care helps you comprehend and advance performance by building a clinically integrated network that serves as the starting block for transformation initiatives and formulates your organization for the upcoming of healthcare through prophetic analytics and quality measures all across the care field.

Financial Risk Management: Value-based care also aids you advance both the price and excellence of care by bringing into line and handling fiscal incentives between healthcare stakeholders through proficient monetary insights, as well as risk modeling and supervision for all dynamic payment models.


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